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24cm Low-Pressure Beach Wheels


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WheelEEZ Beach Wheels are specifically designed to overcome challenging terrains like soft sand, mud, gravel, grass and rock. They are also great on hard surface terrains like streets and sidewalks. The tire's low pressure permits rolling heavy loads over unstable ground with ease. Beach wheels will not sink in soft terrain.


Dimensions: 24 x 12.3 cm

Width at Bearing: 12.8 cm

Max. Payload per Wheel: 40 kg

Weight: 0.7 kg

Materials Tire: Polyurethane

Hub: Polypropylene

Ideal & Ship Pressure 2.5 psi (0.17 bar)

Pressure Range 2-4 psi (0.14-0.28 bar)

Temperature Range -15ºC to 75ºC

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 25 × 25 cm
Opening Axle

24cm Globe Wheel, 12.7 mm axle pitch, 24cm Globe Wheel, 12.7mm axle pitch and wheel change knob, 24cm Globe Wheel, 20 mm axle pitch