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Boat Dolly w/26cm Foeamed Wheels


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This Boat Dolly model has 26cm Foamed Wheels to go over firm surfaces. Its payload capacity is 110 kg and the frame is made with marine grade anodized aluminium. The lenght, widht and height of the frame are adjustable to adapt its size to several types of boats.

The Boat Dolly includes:

  • 4 main frame sections
  • 2 assembled uprights with rollers
  • 1 assembled bow stop roller
  • 1 cross strap
  • 2 axles with Quick Clip Pins (QCP)
  • 7 Wire Lock Pins (WLP)
  • 1 Handle with foam grips

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 124 × 37 × 33 cm


  1. Lenght adjusts to accommodate boats up to 5.8m long
  2. Width adjusts to accommodate boats up to 2.1m width
  3. Height adjust vertical uprights to increase ground clearence
  4. Adjustable sling support strap cradles the boat hull
  5. Marine grade aluminium frame anodized inside and outside
  6. Stainless Steel hardware
  7. Five Wheel options


Capacity, weight and dimensions:

Payload Capacity 110kg
Frame weight 22kg
Wheels weight 2.4kg
Frame length range 224cm to 315cm
Tongue Lenght: Adjustable in 16.5cm increments. This measurement is taken from the most forward end of the Angled Tongue section to the aft part of the Axle Cross Beam.
Frame width range 152cm to 241cm
Axle Cross Beam: Adjustable 15cm increments. Note that each side adjusts 15cm; subsequently, adjusting both sides equals 30cm.
Upright stanchion height range 36cm to 46cm
Strap Support Height: Adjustable in 2.5cm increments. This measurement is taken from the top of the Axle Cross Beam to the top of the Upright Stanchion Roller.
 pdf icon – Boat Dolly Assembly Instructions


Frame Marine grade aluminium anodized inside and outside
Pads PVC Foam
Hardware Stainless steel
Wheels Tire: 700g density durable polyurethane foam

Rim: Polypropylene

Bearing: Reinforced Nylon

Assembly Instructions and Video

 pdf icon – Boat Dolly Assembly Instructions

video icon– Boat Dolly Test