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Wheeleez™ wheels go anywhere! And are suitable for all terrains.

Wheeleez™ beach wheels are designed to make transporting boats, boards and equipment over soft sandy beaches or difficult and challenging terrain easy and fun.

Wheeleez™ kayak carts make transportation a breeze. They are made for soft, uneven terrain or navigation on hard surfaces. Easy loading and unloading ensures that getting to the beach, mountain or lake with your kayak is simple. Available in 4 sizes.

The Wheeleez™ boat launching trolleys can carry up to 227 kg (500 lb) and the dimensions can be adjusted to suit the needs of each boat. Choose from 5 wheel sizes!

Wheeleez™ jet ski dollies are the perfect solution for getting your jet ski to and from the beach or lake. The (optional) ATV hitch kits allow you to easily tow it across the sand, with a quad.

Wheeleez™ Paddle Surf carts are the perfect way to transport your SUP. With Wheeleez™ polyurethane globe wheels or Tuff-Tires, you'll be prepared for any terrain because our wheels go anywhere.

Wheeleez™ wheel axle kits with polyurethane globe wheels allow you to move/roll generators, storage and tool boxes, large coolers and even garbage containers without hassle. Wheeleez™ wheels glide over sand and other challenging terrain with ease.

Wheeleez™ beach conversion kits for wagons quickly convert most conventional wagons into beach-ready wagons. Replacing the existing undercarriage on your wagon and adding our polyurethane globe wheels gives you the ultimate beach day advantage.

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