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Jet Ski Dolly D12


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Jet Ski Dolly with 2 Beach Wheels of 49cm. Payload capacity of 230 kg. Includes retaining straps for safe transport. It comes with a hand winch. Optional ATV Hitch Kit to attach your quad. Optional manual winch.

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This Jet Ski dolly is the perfect solution to transport your jet ski over complicated surfaces such as the sand of the beach where other wheels would get stuck.

WheelEEZ Beach Wheels are specifically designed to navigate challenging terrains like soft sand, mud, gravel, grass and rock. They are also great on hard surface terrains like streets and sidewalks. The tire's low pressure permits rolling heavy loads over unstable ground with ease. Beach wheels will not sink in soft terrain.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 120 × 49 × 46 cm


  • 2x Detachable 49cm Beach Wheel with 25.4mm Axle Opening
  • Optional Winch for easy loading and unloading.
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Plastic covered runners to protect your boat hull.
  •  Optional ATV Hitch Kit allows you to tow at low speeds with an ATV.


Capacity & Weight:

Payload capacity: 230 kg
Weight: 33.6 kg


Frame length: 63.5 cm
Total length: 262.5 cm
Width: 114 cm
Height: 49.5 cm


Balloon Wheels: 49UC Beach Wheels
Frame Material: Anodized aluminum frame.
Hardware: Marine grade stainless steel hardware.

Assembly Instructions and Video

pdf icon – Jet Ski Dolly Winch Kit Adjustment and Use Instructions

 video icon – Jet Ski Dolly D24 Test